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The Gallery below features some examples of our custom handmade products that were made with tee shirts and our fabric. The table below shows how many shirts are used to made various sized quilts as well as the price. If you would place an order or have any questions, please contact us here or fill out the contact form below. We are here to help and look forward to helping you quilt your memory!

Shirts Width Length Size Price
9 Shirts 3 Across 3 Down Lap Size $55.00
12 Shirts 3 Across 4 Down Lap Size $65.00
16 Shirts 4 Across 4 Down Child Size $75.00
20 Shirts 4 Across 5 Down Twin Size $85.00
25 Shirts 5 Across 5 Down Full Size $95.00
30 Shirts 6 Across 5 Down Queen Size $105.00

Volunteer Service Memory Quilt | Keepsake Quilt

“This one…One of my strongest passions is volunteering and with this quilt I was able to combine my love of sewing with volunteering.” – Tina, Founder – My Quilted Memory

In Memory of Son | Memory Quilt | Keepsake Quilt

This beautiful quilt was custom handmade for a customer’s late son. We take great pride in being able to help comfort others with our work whom have lost family members and loved ones.

A Loved One | Memory Quilt | Keepsake Quilt

This quilt was made for someone close to my heart. He was always about cars, racing and going places.

Sports /Baseball Memory Quilt | Keepsake Quilt

Travel Memory Quilt | Keepsake Quilt

Sports Memory Quilt | Keepsake Quilt